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The Mystery Begins

In the remote Virginia coalfield country, they don't have many choices for health care anymore. So, when Doc Briggs swaggers into the Remote Area Medical weekend and stays afterward, everyone is grateful.  He attracts top-notch interns, expands community clinics and loves all his patients to death.  So who would believe the best doctor in town could be killing his elderly patients?  Only a cop with a tarnished reputation, a reporter willing to bend the numbers for a story, and the doctor's chief intern, who could lose everything if he says a word.  

Video Gallery I Ain't Made That Way

Bringing Them Home

Making the story authentic took some very special pieces that we will take home.

Daniel Braswell on Matthew

He's now the family patriarch, but is this a job anyone really wants?


Sharon Explains Mary

Bold, Brash, Dedicated and In Charge

Tess Rowan Discusses Trinity

Feisty and Independent

I Ain't Made That Way Begs the Question

Whether it's how Grandpa Nathan died or did Harlan ever get sober in college, this play keeps you guessing.‚Äč

Sherry: Black Sheep and Angel

Laura Baker offers her perspective on Harlan's wife and Mary's heartache

Across the Cultural Divide

When the production in Oakton needed authentic helmets and gas gauges, the people in  Big Stone Gap answered the call.

Meet the Spotlight Cast

These are the folks who brought Keokee to life for the good folks of Fairfax during the sold-out shows in the Spotlight on the Arts Festival.

Fairfax Meets Keokee

Never heard of Keokee or don't know how to say "Appalachia?" That's okay. The crowds who saw I Ain't Made That Way in Fairfax 

can now tell you. 

Months of Rehearsing

Taking on a new play is always a challenge and with this cast who became a family, it became fun.