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The names have been changed to protect​ the guilty


What Happened to Her?

Folklore and mystery run together across the ridges and deep hollars of the Appalachian Mountain chain.  The tales are handed down from generation to generation. Join us for the launch of a brand new, original legend, as you experience the first episode of Lonesome Pine Podcast.  Stay tuned as the story stretches from the Washington, D.C. suburbs to the shadowy mountains of Southwest Virginia in six episodes. 

When Robin Dern, a Washington, DC reporter, is asked to help solve the mystery of a missing girl, she travels to the dark mountains of Southwest Virginia. Once there, she's enveloped in a deeper and more dangerous situation than she ever imagined. 

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Lonesome Pine Podcast 

Cast & Crew

Alice Barry

Robin Dern

Alice Barry is playing the role of Robin Dern. She won the role because of her years of experience entertaining everyone with her outrageous stories and gift of unmatched wit. 

Alice is a recent graduate of Creative Writing from the University of Tennessee with a double minor in karaoke and boxed wine. 

Peter Kauffmaan

Paul Hoffman

Peter Kauffmann, originally from Richmond, VA, is portraying Paul Hoffmann, but don’t let the name fool you – he bears ABSOLUTELY NO similarities to his character. Peter is a glasses-wearing nerd who talks too much and who used to run an online newsletter. Okay, well, no similarities apart from all those things. When Peter isn’t working on his other interests, he works as a transportation engineer in Memphis, Tennessee. This production marks Peter’s triumphant return to theatrics after receiving rave reviews for his performance as Crocodile #4 in his third grade play. 

Anthony Keys

William King

Anthony Keys, of Kingsport, Tennessee, is portraying William King. Anthony is the owner of LionCat Media, a videography company whose focus is weddings, documentary, promotional content, and story telling through video.

Before developing LionCat Media, Anthony worked as a full time musician. Over the span of 10 years, he traveled the country working with and sharing the stage with Grammy and Dove award winning artists and producers. He has also worked as a studio musician racking up credits on more than 40 albums. Currently LionCat Media films around 20 weddings a year and has helped dozens of businesses build their client base through promotional media.

Sharon Caraballo

Millie Pierce

Sharon Caraballo has been part of Shoestring Theatre Company since the beginning, playing Mary in I Ain't Made That Way and Etta in the upcoming The Best Doctor in Town. Additional theater credits include Annie (Miss Hannigan), Hairspray (Prudy Pingleton), Scrooge: The Musical (Christmas Past), Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, Once Upon a Mattress, Pirates of Penzance, and Music Man. She appears in the upcoming films The Birds Are Coming and I Can Speak, and has appeared on television in Mercy Street, House of Cards, and Pocahontas: Beyond the Myth. She thanks her family for their support and patience!

Laura Baker

Emma Barnes

Laura Baker is excited to lend her acting talents to the role of Emma Barnes for the live staged reading of Lonesome Pine Podcast. Although hailing from the northern end of the Commonwealth, Laura has become progressively interested in the Appalachians (correctly pronounced Appa-LATCH-uh).  From her fascination with the towns and mountains to her increasing fondness for folk and bluegrass music, southwestern Virginia has captured a piece of her heart.  That said, she still refuses to admit that sweet tea is anything but gross. (But so is unsweet tea.) Some past theatrical forays include I Ain't Made That Way as Sherry, Joined at the Head as Maggie, The Crucible as Elizabeth Proctor, and God as Doris.

D J Neace

Creator | Director 


Lonesome Pine Podcast is a lie based on true events in DJ’s life. DJ shambled out of the heart of the Appalachians, stumbled north, and has claimed a homestead in Washington, DC. He loves his hometown of Big Stone Gap, Virginia and would do anything to help his kinfolk from the mountains. He also is really fond of his Labrador, bacon dishes, and sweet tea. DJ has years of experience playing pretend in the world of Make-Believe. He is sincerely grateful to everyone in the cast and crew for helping this abomination crawl from the edges of his daydreams.

Jud Barry

Assistant Director

Creative Consultant

Inventor of the crumbag and exponent of the solid-body electric mountain dulcimer, Jud "Dulciferous" Barry lives (mostly) in northeast Tennessee, where he makes nursery rhyme music videos and writes "real Second Amendment" novels, blogspots at folliesobarry ( Director of a public library for 30 years, Jud has had a constant passion for storytelling. Also, he promises (unreliably) to limit his bagpiping to Halloween. 

Brett Clancy


Born and raised in Connecticut, Brett Clancy received his Bachelor's Degree in Film and Media Arts from American University in Washington, DC. While at American he created the late night style variety show, "Brett Clancy's American Dream" which ran on the student run television network, ATV. Since obtaining his degree, Brett has been working in the Washington DC area as a freelance production assistant for a variety of programs that have appeared on major networks such as: PBS, Comedy Central, and ESPN, among others. His true claim to fame is as an undefeated flag football quarterback (unless you count the games he’s lost).

Creative Team

  • D.J. Neace: Director, Head Writer
  • Jud Barry: Assistant Director, Creative Consultant
  • Brett Clancy: Staff Writer
  • Nathan Roberts: Creative Consultant
  • Shaun Baker: Editor
  • Anthony Keys: Musical Director