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Saturday, August 12, 2017 | 10 a.m.

North Street Pop-up Theatre 

10427 North Street, Fairfax, VA  22030

To audition, contact:  

Genie Baskir, Producer- [email protected]

  • Shoestring Theatre Company has a few open roles for THE BEST DOCTOR IN TOWN, which will hold a staged reading during Fall for the Book, October 12  in Fairfax, VA and open in full during Spotlight on the Arts in Fairfax in April. The show tours in May and possibly other dates as well.

Open Roles: Principals

  • Emily Scott 30’s, any race, reporter with solid journalistic skills, whose sometimes quirky exterior and bubbly demeanor bely her skills and catch her subjects off guard

Supporting/ Understudies

  • Jesse local man of Big Stone Gap, u/s for Dr. Briggs — ages 50-60 tall Caucasian, also plays patient in another scene
  • Barbara Patton 40-60’s female, refined, also plays her mother in one scene, u/s for Etta West
  • Frank  Robbins 30’s-50’s  husband who dies too young, u/s for either Eliot West or Will Hutton, seen in background as nurse with lines in another scene
  • Luvena Robbins   30’-50’s wife who can also be u/s, she is seen in background as nurse and as patient
  • Young Briggs boy to play 6-10 years old for one scene and walk on in other scenes


  • Volunteer Technical/Stage Manager
  • Technical Director/Audio, Lights
  • Properties/Scene Transitions

About the Play

Set in Southwest Virginia, the play follows the story of the small town’s most revered doctor, who may just be an identity thief and serial killer. But a local police officer with a tarnished reputation, a reporter who manipulated facts and the doctor’s chief intern, who may be a thief, have pieces of the puzzle. All the while, patients are dying and no one in authority believes the great doctor could be responsible.

THE BEST DOCTOR IN TOWN will premiere as a fully staged production during the Spotlight on the Arts 2018 Festival in Fairfax, VA on April 22-23 and April 29-30, 2018. 

 The show will also tour to Big Stone Gap, Virginia over Memorial Day weekend 2018 and possible other dates to be announced next year. All cast and crew positions are volunteer.

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 Music Theme Hearkens to Origins 

When I first read "I Ain't Made That Way", I remarked at what a love letter to home it was. Here was a story that unabashedly spoke as fondly and admirably about Virginians from the Appalachians as it did about Virginians in Richmond. I sought out a theme that not only spoke to the love of the Old Dominion, but to the love of our region. At a time when southwest Virginia is erroneously characterized by stark political views, it inspires me to see a story break through the age-old stereotypes and show the true spirit of our people. I sought out a theme that would do the same. Our region is simply a microcosm of the greater state and country, a region with valuable culture and people striving to make the world a better place while not turning their backs on the past. This story strives to shine light on that truth and I'm proud to have provided the musical background for such a fine piece of art.

-- Tyler Hughes

(Photo by Ben Bateson)