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The Shoestring Theatre Company will perform I Ain't Made That Way during the Gathering in the Gap Music Festival on Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 4 p.m. on the Connection Stage.  We are deeply humbled and honored to bring this play home to Big Stone Gap, Keokee and Southwest Virginia and to support the Friends of the Southwest Virginia Historical Museum State Park, which hosts this incredible festival as a fund-raiser for the museum. Tickets 

In the News

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  • Volgenau School of Engineering features "Mary"  - Associate Dean Sharon Caraballo solves problems on stage and in class
  • Fairfax Times previews first play by Oakton's Shoestring Theatre Company

 Music Theme Hearkens to Origins 

When I first read "I Ain't Made That Way", I remarked at what a love letter to home it was. Here was a story that unabashedly spoke as fondly and admirably about Virginians from the Appalachians as it did about Virginians in Richmond. I sought out a theme that not only spoke to the love of the Old Dominion, but to the love of our region. At a time when southwest Virginia is erroneously characterized by stark political views, it inspires me to see a story break through the age-old stereotypes and show the true spirit of our people. I sought out a theme that would do the same. Our region is simply a microcosm of the greater state and country, a region with valuable culture and people striving to make the world a better place while not turning their backs on the past. This story strives to shine light on that truth and I'm proud to have provided the musical background for such a fine piece of art.

-- Tyler Hughes

(Photo by Ben Bateson)